Covid 19 Signs & Safety Products

As businesses across the country re-open, About Signs are offering a full range of covid-19 signs and safety products. They can be customised and designed to help share essential information with your staff and customers to help make your re-opening run smoothly.

We produce a range of items such as social distancing floor stickers, window stickers, wall signs, free standing signs, safety screens and much more, all of which can be customised with your logo or specific design. These items will be developed further as Government guidelines change over the coming months and will help you to meet your duty of care to protect your employees and members of the public.

Covid 19 Signage

All our Covid 19 Signage is suitable for internal or external use. Sizes are advisory, but can be changed. Bespoke branded designs also available in a variety of materials (price on application).

Covid 19 Safety Signs and Warning Signs Page 01

Covid 19 Safety Signs and Warning Signs Page 02

Floor Graphics

Our range of Covid 19 floor graphics are exterior grade vinyl with R-rated anti slip seal. Please note the floor graphics sizes are only advisory, so if you need another size that is also possible. What’s more, all our floor graphics can have different designs and colours.

Covid 19 Floor Signs and Floor Graphics Page 03

Pavement Signs

This range of Covid 19 Pavement Signs can be free standing or column signs and come in various sizes. Moreover, they can also be produced in more styles and colours.

Covid 19 Pavement Signs Page 04

Protection Screens

This selection of Covid 19 Free-Standing Screens has been designed for use in a variety of environments including reception areas, offices, leisure, workplace, customer service desks and flexible meeting spaces. The system can be supplied with or without access ports and can be made to client-specific dimensional requirements.

COV 44
Covid 19 Protection Screens - Screen 44

COV 45
Covid 19 Protection Screens - Screen 45

COV 46
Covid 19 Protection Screens - Screen 46

COV 47
Covid 19 Protection Screens - Screen 47

COV 48
Covid 19 Protection Screens - Screen 48

COV 49
Covid 19 Protection Screens - No 49

Desk Protection Screens - No 50

Table Protection Screens - No 51

COV 52
Full Height Protection Screens - No 52

Custom Protection Screens - 53 54 55 56 57

Free Standing Fitness Gym Screen
Free Standing Fitness Gym Protection Screen
Example size (W/H) mm 1200 x 2000

Free Standing Work Place Hygiene Screen
Free Standing Work Place Hygiene Protection Screen
Example size (W/H/D) mm 800 x 2000 x 500

If you need a bespoke sign for your business during the lifting of the pandemic lockdown, then do get in-touch with our design team on 020 8751 7250, who will be happy to discuss your requirements.