DDA Regulations & Manifestation

What is the DDA Act?

The Disability Discrimination Act is legislation that promotes civil rights and protects disabled people from discrimination.

How Does This Affect Glazing?

Legally, all glazed areas have to be clearly marked with some kind of manifestation. This can be an abstract design, a logo or simple stripes or dots, as long as the manifestation clearly defines the glass so that people won’t walk into it.

On full height glazing, manifestation should be on two levels so that it accommodates people with different viewing heights. Those levels are between 850 – 1000mm and 1400 – 1600mm from the floor. If the graphics take the form of a logo then it should be at least 150mm high (and repeated if on a screen). Dots or continuous lines should be at least 50mm high.

DDA Regulations and Manifestation

As well as providing standard DDA manifestation in frosted vinyl, we can also create tailor-made designs that incorporate your logo or use your company colours.

Manifestation Examples