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About Signs’ New Arrival

Introducing the ALB-04 UNI 180…

The name is a bit boring, but let me introduce you to our new Automatic Letter Bender that we’ve recently purchased here at About Signs and we’re really excited! It’s a smart piece of machinery that will produce accurately folded letter and logo return edges at the press of a button. Well, almost…

About Signs New Arrival - Automatic Letter Bender

After travelling to Poland to see a variety of machines in action, a selection was made and an order placed. John and Ody were like expectant fathers over the following weeks, pacing the workshop awaiting the machine’s arrival. Finally the big day came, and after unpacking and moving it into its new home, the guys were able to start playing with their new toy. An expert technician spent three days at About Signs giving thorough training to Ody and his team and in no time they were producing letter returns in a fraction of the time it would normally have taken.

About Signs New Arrival - New Sign Making Machine

About Signs New Arrival - Unboxing Sign Making Machine

Built Up 3D Lettering

We’ve been making built up letters and logos at About Signs for many years and they’re as popular now as they’ve ever been. Built up letters (also know as channel or 3D letters) are constructed from stainless steel or aluminium. They are known for being sturdy, long lasting, and have the ability to withstand all weathers. An ever popular mainstay of many sign projects, they look good inside on a foyer wall, outside on a shop fascia or as a statement piece on corporate head office buildings. Built ups are available in a wide variety of finishes with returns from 20mm deep right up to 180mm deep.

Below are pictures of brushed stainless steel, mirror polished stainless steel, powder coated to standard RAL colours, wet painted to custom colours, rimmed or rimless, face illuminated, halo illuminated, fairground/cabochon illuminated.

About Signs Limited - Built Up Letters

Time Saving = Money Saving

Traditionally, the returns that create the depth of the 3D letters are painstakingly formed by hand, which means that the manufacturing process can often be long and expensive. The development of automatic letter bending machinery means that production times can be slashed which is good news for us and for our clients as we can pass those savings on to you. It’s important to mention that although production times are reduced, at no point is the quality compromised. We still fully solder and hand finish all our lettering to the highest standard and our letters should not be compared to inferior alternatives.

We’re proud to say that we still produce some of the best built up letters on the market, from small 100mm high letters right up to characters exceeding 3 meters, like the ones recently produced for The Queens Theatre in Essex, we can fabricate amazing statement pieces that will last for years to come. So if you’re looking for exceptional signage of superior quality, look no further than About Signs for the answer.